Wrapping up Yoga Season
Mindfulness at its best

We have just wrapped up our last yoga retreat of the season and had an amazing time with everyone who has stopped by Mag Rock over the past month! With back-to-back retreats, along with guests flying in from all the world to catch the beginning of surf season, we have had our hands full! From our chill, live music nights to our entertaining circus shows- things have been quite entertaining here at Magnific Rock. With the start of Semana Santa beginning this week, and the waves starting to pump out numbers in the 7-8 ft, we are more than ready for this upcoming season! Surf for Life joins us towards the end of April and the ISA World Surf Championships is taking place here in Popoyo May 30-June 7th! We are happy to be hosting the Japan and Australian team here and can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table. Thank you to everyone who has swung by over the past month- we have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you!